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I Can Help You Achieve Life Changing Results No Matter Where You Are In The World...

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Does This Sound Like You? 

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Would you like to TRANSFORM your body shape and BOOST your confidence? 

Do you know what you want to achieve BUT struggle with knowing the best way to get there? 

Would you like guidance, accountability, and a coach who will SUPPORT you every step of the way - creating a personalised road map that is guaranteed to get you results? 

Are you ready to commit to a lifestyle change that will not only improve your physical appearance but positively impact all of the areas of your life that you value the most? 

If this sounds like you, please watch the video below to find out how I can help you...

Would You Like Results Like This?

Body transformation - Sam - LEP Life
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Body transformation coaching with LEP Li
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Online personal training with LEP Life
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100% Money Back Guarantee...


If you are not happy with the level of service you receive, I will give you all of your money back (no questions asked) - although this has yet to happen in 10 years. 

What can you expect from online coaching? 

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A custom EXERCISE PROGRAMME tailored towards your goals (gym or home-based)

A bespoke MEAL PLAN designed around the foods you like, lifestyle, and goals

LIFESTYLE and HEALTH COACHING, including areas such as stress management, sleep, digestion


MINDSET COACHING - cultivating a 'growth mindset' that will not only transform your body BUT your life

WEEKLY CHECK-INS to keep you accountable, motivated, and to ensure we keep making progress 

7 DAYS PER WEEK SUPPORT - there's never a question too BIG or small that I won't be happy to help you with. I'll do whatever it takes (and more) to get you the results you want


PERSONAL TOUCHES - I will leave you 'voice notes' of support, educate and inspire you. I will support you every step of the way while giving you the tools you need to succeed

There Are No Limits As To What We Can Achieve...

Mike, A transformation.jpg
LEP Life body transformation

If this is what you want...


Let me assure you that you're in the RIGHT PLACE...

I've been coaching clients online for the last 10 YEARS and have helped hundreds of MEN and WOMEN just like you to get 'head-turning results.'

With your COMMITMENT combined with my EXPERTISE, there are NO LIMITS as to what we can achieve together. 

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