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Is Alan Ritchson on Steroids?

Is Alan Ritchson on Steroids

I was watching the new Jack Reacher series last week…

When I saw Alan Richson’s physique…

Holy shit! Haha

That guy has some physique…

He’s an absolute beast…

He looks like a bodybuilder…with shoulders the size of boulders, a barrel chest, arms bigger than my head (i’ve got a big head! haha)...and forearms even Popeye would envy!

What’s worse…

I was watching it with my wife…haha 

Now don’t get me wrong…I’ve got a decent physique…

Nick Screeton - online personal trainer and body transformation coach

BUT to say I felt insecure, small and inadequate after seeing Alan Ritchson physique…would be a small understatement…haha

I immediately started doing push ups on the spot, and necking gallons of protein shake haha!

But joking aside I thought to myself…

Is Alan Ritchson on Steroids? 

I wanted to share my opinion…

Is Alan Ritchson on Steroids? 

Alan Ritchson physique

First of all…

Just gonna be straight with you…

I don’t actually know! 

Unless I can be a fly on the wall and watch his every move…

How can I be certain?


Or maybe I could call him up…I’m sure he’d answer my question honestly! Haha

Anyone got Alan’s number? 

But joking aside…

If I had to take a guess…

I’d say YES…he’s probably on the juice!

Just my opinion. 

In fact, I'd be willing to bet £2,000 that he’s taken some performance enhancing drugs at some stage of his journey. 

How can I back this up?

There’s just something about his look that calls out…steroids!

The density/thickness of his muscles…the huge traps…

The alpha jawline…and slightly puffy face

It’s the look you see many of the top bodybuilders having.  

What I see is a good looking alpha guy, with incredible genetics…on the juice!

That’s a lethal combo and a recipe for a superhuman physique. 

I’m not taking anything away from him or his work ethic…

I know he trains incredibly hard and follows a training and nutritional regime that only 0.1% of the population would be able to follow!

But I’d defo say there’s some supplementation going on there (and I'm not talking about whey protein shake, multivitamins and a bit of creatine! haha)

What steroids would he take? 

To be honest, I have no clue! I don’t know much about this stuff…

All I know is that I've been coaching in the fitness industry for the last 15 years and you get a sense for who takes performance enhancers and who doesn’t…

Some physiques are more obvious than others…like the top Bodybuilders…

Some are less obvious…the likes of Alan Ritchson, Chris Hemsworth - open for debate? 

And others even less obvious…Brad Pitt (Fight Club)... Zac Efron (Baywatch)...

Can you get a physique like Alan Ritchson without the juice?


I’d say 98% of the population would find it hard to achieve anything like this. 

Maybe some naturally genetic freak…who just looks at weights and builds muscle! Haha

But most guys would find it hard achieving this type of physique…

Not just because of the steroids but he’s also got incredible genetics…

Great muscle shapes…muscle fullness, symmetry and proportions. 

To cut a long story short…combine someone naturally very aesthetic and gifted…with hard work…and performance enhancements…and you get a superhero physique.

This is just my opinion of course…i’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. 

What Can I Do To Build A Physique Like Alan Ritchson?

Build A Physique Like Alan Ritchson

If someone said to me...

“Nick! I want to build a physique like Alan Ritchson…without taking steroids…tell me what to do?”

Here’s what I’d say…

#1 Get A Proper Plan In Place 

Hire a coach, someone who knows what they’re doing and has a proven reputation for helping guys get lean and jacked. You’ll need both the training and nutrition putting in place and will likely have to work with a coach for at least 6-24 months.  

#2 Lift Weights 4-5x Per Week

To build this type of physique you’ll need a proper training program in place…combining strength, and bodybuilding style training. You’ll need to incorporate compound lifts like deadlifts, squats, bench press, pull ups, rows, chin ups and exercises that build the most amount of muscle. With the aim of getting stronger over time (adding more weight, reps and training volume)

#3 Hit 1.5g of Protein Per Pound Of Bodyweight

There’s no way you’re gonna build this type of muscle without consuming lots of protein. Figure out your body weight in pounds and then times it by 1.5 and that’s how much protein you’ll want to be aiming for each day. You’ll then want to spread this out over 4-6 meals. Eating foods high in protein such as: chicken, turkey, eggs, salmon, tuna, mince, steak, protein shake, protein bars, etc. 

#4 Be Patient 

Depending on how many years you’ve been training (and the quality of those years!) It's going to take time. Someone with no experience…it could well take 5-10 years! Just being honest. For an intermediate or more advanced trainee…maybe 1-2 years…it all depends on your start point and the plan of action you have to get there. If in doubt hire an expert. 

Nick Can You Help Me Build An Alan Ritchson type physique? 

LEP Life - body transformations for men

If you’d like some help and support with the above, feel free to reach out and have a look around my site…

A couple of pages you may find useful:

Transformations - see the results for yourself

Testimonials - video feedback from clients i’ve worked with 

8 Week Physique - a program for guys who want to drop 6-10 kg of body fat and build a lean, athletic and physique that turns heads on the beach! 

Look forward to hearing from you,

Nick Screeton - LEP Life founder and CEO

Nick Screeton - founder of LEP Life


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